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Restoring Cartagena’s Mangrove Forests

Embracing mangrove restoration initiatives empowers the city to adapt to climate change, enhances tourism potential, promotes sustainable aquaculture practices, create jobs, and enhances the natural beauty of Cartagena.

What is Cartagena Turtles?

The Cartagena Turtles Club is a community that has been formed to support the restoration of Mangroves in Cartagena, Colombia.  Its mission started with saving the urban mangrove ecosystem, but has grown to include development of jobs, animal and human habitat, and to help the city adapt to the flooding that comes with climate change… Read more

Calling all friends of the city!

Join our Cartagena Turtles Club community and help Us Raise $50,000 To Make Waves in Cartagena! 🌴

What is the project's effect?

This project will have a positive impact on 6 of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Cartagena Turtles Club needs YOU! 🐢 We’re searching for city enthusiasts to join our community and be part of something extraordinary. Here’s your chance to:
Our goal? To raise $50,000 to kickstart this incredible project. But it’s not just about numbers; it’s about making a real difference in Cartagena.

Collect NFTs to Create more impact!

Wanted: Collectors 

Reward: Kudos, NFTs and badges.

We’re looking for like-minded people that care about Cartagena as much as we do.

If that’s you we’ve teamed up with the City of Cartagena and Carbon Creatures to reward members of The Cartagena Turtles Club with Cartagena mangrove ecosystem NFTs that can be worn as your badge of honor in the digital world. 💚

NFT Collection

Unlock the Power of Change

Collect cool NFTs, and watch your support transform into tangible action for mangrove conservation and climate resilience.

Mangrove Nursery

A sanctuary of hope and growth for these vital coastal forests.
Price: $100
Quantity available: 100
Collect One Now

Mangrove Seed Pod

This remarkable pod is a beacon of regeneration.
Price: $5
Quantity available: 10,000
Collect One Now

Mangrove Seedlings

Behold the Mangrove Seedlings, small but mighty guardians of our coastal ecosystems.
Price: $1 - $20
Quantity available: 10,000
Collect one now

Hawksbill Turtle

The Hawksbill Turtle is designated as 'Critically Endangered' and is one of the creatures featured in the 8,888 Carbonite series.
Price: $999
Collect one now

Hicotea Turtle

A small colorful reptile that can be found in the mangroves and swamps of northern Colombia.
Price: $100
Quantity available: 10
Collect One Now

Turtle Eggs

A tiny marvel that holds the promise of life within its delicate shell.
Price: $25
Quantity available: 30
Collect one now

Baby Turtle

A tiny wonder born amidst the vibrant roots and foliage of this coastal haven.
Price: $50
Quantity available: 10
Collect One Now

Mangrove Species

An icon of grace and vibrancy that calls the mangroves of Cartagena home.


Mangrove Soundscape

Curating audio recordings that capture the sounds of the mangroves, from the rustling leaves to the calls of the birds and the waves.


Mangrove Sunset

Capturing the impressive beauty of the sunsets over the mangroves and Cartagena, emphasizing the serene and calming atmosphere of these coastal environments.



Edgar's commitment to the mangroves is deeply rooted in his love for nature and his community.
Help Edgar directly by collecting this NFT.
Price: $300
Collect One Now


Juanita's involvement in mangrove restoration was ignited by her concern for Cartagena's environmental challenges.
Help Juanita directly by collecting this NFT.
Price: $300
Collect One Now

Mangrove Stories

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This January 27, 2024, we will have a day full of adventures and learning with our EcoKids, boys and girls between 10 and 16 years old who live in the …

Cartagena Turtles Club is excited to invite you to our Mangrove Planting Event in the stunning Ciénaga de la Virgen on November 5th, starting at 9:00 AM. Planting Event …

We have $9,420 raised for Cartagena’s Urban Mangrove Restoration. Our goal is $50k.

Support the mangroves in Cartagena

Brands Supporting Us


Money invested in NFTs minted on Carbon Creatures for The Cartagena Turtles Club will be used to offset your greenhouse emissions (40%), invest in a ground-breaking blue carbon project with a positive social and environmental impact project in Olaya, one of the poorest neighborhoods in Cartagena, Colombia (45%). The remaining 15% goes towards the development of the project.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are digital tokens on a blockchain that each represent something unique, such as a digital piece of art, a special in-game item, a rare trading card collectible, or any other distinct digital or physical asset. NFTs can be considered a “certificate of authenticity” issued by the original creator on a blockchain, providing cryptographic proof of ownership.

As well as helping offset your carbon footprint and contributing to projects to restore mangrove forests and save turtle habitats in Cartagena, each of these unique carbon negative NFTs gives you access to The Cartagena Turtles Club with “Cartagena LOVES you” benefits throughout the city on future visits to Cartagena.

“Blue carbon” refers to carbon dioxide stored in coastal wetlands, including mangroves, seagrasses and salt marshes. These ecosystems have a disproportionately high carbon sequestration and storage capacity compared to terrestrial forests and other ocean ecosystems. Although they cover less than 2% of total ocean area, mangroves, seagrasses and salt marshes account for half of the carbon stored in oceans due to their ability to draw down atmospheric carbon and trap it for long periods of time. Scaling up blue carbon activities is therefore critical to solve the climate emergency.

A “gourmet” blue carbon project is one that also has a social as well as an environmental impact. The mangroves restoration project supported by The Cartagena Turtles Project will have a positive impact on 6 of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals making it very tasty indeed.

A carbon offset is a reduction or removal of emissions of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases made in order to compensate for emissions made elsewhere.

Offsets are measured in tonnes of carbon dioxide-equivalent (CO2e). One ton of carbon offset represents the reduction or removal of one ton of carbon dioxide or its equivalent in other greenhouse gases.

Projects like the Cartagena Mangroves Project sequester carbon and store it in mangrove forests which helps balance out global greenhouse emissions in Cartagena and beyond.

In short, yes, blockchain and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and NFTs all have a large carbon footprint however, The Cartagena Turtles Club is not going to launch a carbon backed NFT project without using the most energy efficient process available. As a result all of the NFTs minted by Carbon Creatures have been developed on the Polygon Network (formerly Matic), which is able to reduce the emissions normally associated with minting NFTs on Ethereum by almost 99%. While some NFT’s claim to be carbon neutral (through donations), Carbon Creatures NFT’s are in fact – hundreds of times carbon negative!

The reason is its size – spanning 57 hectares. Despite its significant potential for positive change in our urban setting, it doesn’t meet the size requirements for funding the registration process with major registries. Consequently, we’ve chosen to offer alternatives like “mangrove seedlings planted” and other impactful actions instead of tonnes of CO2 to support our cause.