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EcoKids in Action! 🌎👧👦

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This January 27, 2024, we will have a day full of adventures and learning with our EcoKids, boys and girls between 10 and 16 years old who live in the communities near the Ciénaga de la Virgen in the company of Cartagena Turtles Club and Corporación Ambiental Bosques del Manglar.

Learning for our EcoKids🤓

  • We will learn about the vital importance of mangroves and how to protect them.
  • We will discover the fascinating world of the hicotea turtle, a unique species in our region.

🌱 Let’s get to work

We will plant 50 mangrove seedlings to contribute to the restoration of our beautiful environment!

Our adorable EcoKids, at the end of the event, will be able to put into practice the knowledge they have acquired and together they will plant 50 mangrove seedlings with the guardians of the mangrove. We believe it is important that you interact with the mangrove ecosystem to see first-hand the beauty of this habitat.

🗓️ Event Details

🌱Date: January 27th
🌱Time: 09:00 AM
🌱Location: Econatura Reserve in The Ciénaga de la Virgen

Soon we will share the images and videos of this unique day to learn, care for and sow together the love for our mangroves and the hicotea turtle! 🌎🌿