Juanita’s journey into mangrove restoration began with a heart for environmental issues. Concerned about pollution and waste in her city, she joined the Foundation Grupo social where she met Rafa and Edgar. 

As the project’s secretary, Juanita orchestrates a symphony of tasks. From planting saplings to imparting knowledge, she plays a crucial role in nurturing the mangroves’ growth. Her secret to success lies in her harmonious balance of responsibilities, made possible by the support of her family. Her daughter, just 9 years old, and her nephew, who lives with them, form a strong foundation that empowers Juanita to dedicate herself wholeheartedly to the project.

Juanita’s story is one of unity between family and nature. Her determination resonates with a future where mangroves flourish, communities thrive, and ecological wisdom flourishes. Through the purchase of NFTs, you’re not only empowering Juanita’s journey but also igniting the transformation of Cartagena’s landscape for generations to come. Join Juanita in her mission and let your support be a beacon of hope and change.