As the Executive Director of the project, Edgar’s role is multi-faceted. A pioneer in the field, he’s a beacon of knowledge, having transformed from a novice to an expert on mangrove germination, types, and their ecological significance. His journey has inspired others to join the cause, elevating the impact of their collective efforts.

Despite facing financial hardships and the temptation to give up, his resolve remains unshaken. His dreams of an ecological park for education and research and his dedication to reducing the carbon footprint push him forward. At home, Edgar’s family forms the cornerstone of his strength. His wife, daughter, and son are his pillars of support. 

Every NFT purchase becomes a beacon of hope. When you acquire an NFT, your support directly aids Edgar, allowing him to allocate more time to the mangrove restoration. Your contribution not only assists in nurturing the mangroves but also empowers a dedicated individual to continue his vital work. Edgar’s dream of transforming the mangroves into an ecological park for research and education comes closer to fruition with each NFT sold. Together, let’s turn dreams into reality and create a legacy that supports both the mangroves and the people who tend to them.